Our Mission

The mission of iTeQ Telehealth is to accompany older adults on the journey to successful aging—that is, health, independence, and a high quality of life—using intelligent telehealth as a foundation.

Our Values

Our values rest on an approach where:
  1. The expectations and needs of older adults are a central concern.
  2. Older adults are at the centre of decisions about their own health.
  3. Caregivers, such as family, friends, and professionals, take responsibility for the older adult’s care.
  4. Usefulness, user-friendliness, and accessibility are built into our digital products.
Benevolence, equity, and a culture of sharing drive the continuous improvement of the solutions we offer.

Our Objectives

  1. To prevent or delay older adults' decline and loss of autonomy by empowering them to take health into their own hands.
  2. To partner with older adults and expand their decision-making capacity with respect to their health and autonomy, enabling them to make the choices most suited to their needs and expectations all throughout the course of their life.
  3. To facilitate communication between older adults and health and social service professionals by putting them at the centre of the decision-making process and by developing a common language based on shared information that is both useful and usable.
  4. To make telehealth services accessible to all, regardless of their place of living and socioeconomic status, by using a participatory approach.