Have you observed someone:

  • Repeating themselves or having difficulty retaining new information?
  • Having difficulty concentrating?
  • With unsteady balance or having difficulty moving?
  • Having falls?
  • Who is less healthy than before?
  • Who can no longer do activities of daily living as they used to?
  • Experiencing a novel health event?

If so, it is important to quickly put interventions into place that specifically prevent a decline in their health and independence.

Accurately assess their frailty status and take action with CARE.

CARE is a digital platform that brings together several interactive questionnaires made for use in retirement homes and within community networks. Each questionnaire provides an objective assessment of an older adult's health and autonomy, alongside descriptions and recommendations.

CARE provides information to older adults and those around them on the nature and severity of the alteration in their health status, both physical and mental or social, as well as their actual level of independence.

CARE provides recommendations to encourage healthy, independent aging.

Assess, Inform, and Act

CARE allows older adults living in retirement homes or at home with community network support to better define their health and independence with information that enhances older adults' awareness of their own health.

CARE offers personalized, easy-to-implement recommendations, enabling older adults to maintain good health, autonomy, and quality of life for longer.

Assess, Inform and Act

CARE allows for regular monitoring through an approach that compares measurements to describe the evolution of the older adult's health and autonomy over time and to act accordingly in case anomalies are detected.

Why use CARE?
CARE allows you to:
  • Measure the older adult's health status and independence level with easily interpretable score summaries.
  • Make recommendations that promote an older adult's health and prevent the loss of their autonomy.
  • Decide which actions to prioritize for successful aging.
  • Optimize the older person's support system by sharing information with them, as well as with their family and caregivers.
  • Keep the older adult at the heart of decisions surrounding their health and independence.
How does CARE work?

CARE’s algorithm calculates various scores from the older adult's questionnaire responses, generating a personalized recommendation-based action plan that maintains their health and independence. This action plan aims to:

  • Prevent the older adult's health from deteriorating.
  • Maintain autonomy for as long as possible in older adults experiencing frailty.
  • Reduce the workload on those caring for the older adult.
  • Delay institutionalization in the healthcare system or in a long-term care home.
What are the benefits of CARE?
  • CARE helps you build and anticipate a range of services and activities in line with your clients' needs and expectations.
  • CARE provides you with standardized indicators of the evolution of your clients' health and autonomy.
  • CARE is a tool to help guide you in choosing the appropriate care to support your clients.
  • CARE allows you to strengthen ties between older adults, their families, and your organization.

About CARE

Dr. Olivier Beauchet

Geriatrician, Neurologist, and Doctor of Science

"The delicate nature of the health status of older adults living in retirement homes is one of the stark realities highlighted by the COVID-19 pandemic. It is more important now than ever that new digital solutions be implemented in the field of virtual older adult healthcare and to share these solutions with retirement homes, helping improve the care they provide.

CARE relies on the experience, skills, and know-how of a large clinical and research team that has been working on the common goal of halting the progression of frailty and loss of autonomy in older adults for over a decade."

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