With easy-to-use, quick, and regular gerontological assessments, CARE automatically calculates objective scores to better define older adults’ health and autonomy. Each piece of information is accompanied by an explanatory description, raising awareness of the older adult’s status and favouring their approval of the recommendations. The information CARE generates can also be shared with your care team, which fosters the implementation of an action plan to combat older adults’ decline and improve their health and autonomy.

The key to successful aging and keeping older adults in their own home

CARE's algorithm formalizes a personalized recommendation-based action plan that maintains the older adult's health and independence.

This action plan allows you to:
  • Prevent the older adult's health from deteriorating.
  • Maintain autonomy for as long as possible in older adults experiencing frailty.
  • Reduce the workload on your team by optimizing your interventions.
  • Delay changes in living arrangements, allowing the older adult to stay in your residence or their home for longer.

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